Run Your Own business

Life is changing. People are losing their jobs in a new era. Most college students don’t know what to do with life. To them they have been lied to about life that you need to go to school, get good grades and get a good job. Now all seem to be a mirage to them. They see life is different from the stories they have been told.

They rebel outwardly but it seems they are trapped. They commit suicide just to fade away the illusion.

Only few seem to know the ropes of life. Even those in the music industry still file for bankruptcy. They don’t know how money works.

Money is a spirit. Only few people know it’s secret. They eat of it’s fruits.

My advise to the teenagers and adults who see life as a humdrum should invest in themselves. Invent a new way of life for themselves.

Let them think for themselves and challenge themselves. They will find new ways to live.

Start a business and be Your Own boss. See you at the top.

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