I want to write poems on your skin with my lips


Run Your Own business

Life is changing. People are losing their jobs in a new era. Most college students don’t know what to do with life. To them they have been lied to about life that you need to go to school, get good grades and get a good job. Now all seem to be a mirage to them. They see life is different from the stories they have been told.

They rebel outwardly but it seems they are trapped. They commit suicide just to fade away the illusion.

Only few seem to know the ropes of life. Even those in the music industry still file for bankruptcy. They don’t know how money works.

Money is a spirit. Only few people know it’s secret. They eat of it’s fruits.

My advise to the teenagers and adults who see life as a humdrum should invest in themselves. Invent a new way of life for themselves.

Let them think for themselves and challenge themselves. They will find new ways to live.

Start a business and be Your Own boss. See you at the top.

Big girls

The world knows who they refer to as big girls, but to me, Big girls are women with beautiful features.

When you go after a big girl, her smile makes you happy. Her breast are seductive. Her belly so beautiful. Her thighs just fits her so well. She is graciously adored by me.

I like my big girls thick and creamy. all about them is relevant to love. Sighting a big girl on the street, gives me a touch of love. My phallus erects to the stand still like I was reciting the national anthem.

Big girls rock is indeed the best ever words to describe her. She is beautiful in all areas of her body.

No wonder I’m in Love with the lady in my place of business. She is warm and gentle. She is gracefully a woman that a man should have as a spouse.

Shout out to all the big girls around the world. Even if no man looks or adores you, just remember the writer of this article sees you and adores you.

My last question for this article is “would you marry me? 😀😁😊

Thank GOD he’s happy now

Whoever shot Tupac, made him a legend straight up. They thought if they kill him that will stop the legacy, but he still rise. They tend to lie that he got affiliated with gangs, but look at it this way, how would you be labeled affiliated with gangs when your lineage Was The black panther? Don’t let nobody deceive.

It goes both ways. If they had left him he would still be a legend. But they thought of killing him to end his career, but that didn’t stop him from being a legend.

Thank GOD he is happy now.

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