Mystery to love

The beautiful thing in Love is that it never fails. People get into it for all the wrong reasons.

Love as we know it is the best that has ever captured the heart of man. Love has a lot of children. People tend to invest in hatred because it is the only that thing that perishes the union of love. With the beauty of love, it’s beautiful to know that it is lovely thing to have touched man in a very brilliant way.

They say love hits you then you become a poet. It is literally the best that man has ever known.

He brings out his best ever seen in the world. He makes equipments out of love. Computer was created because man had lot of things to give to his world.

Love, Love it’s an aphrodisiac that melts the hard heart and in-store broken homes. It is the aphrodisiac that keeps you high like getting baptised in the church.

It goes a long way. Love is here to stay and it’s the best ever.

To every man he needs to build his world in Love. We have seen violence in all shape and form.

Violence is the bully to love. Grief is the opposite of love. The world is in a grief state.

With wars everywhere. We can say love still find it’s way through a broken world.

Our tears is enveloped into one. We are all connected in Love.

Published by Deremi Adeyi

I Am an artist. I love to draw. I love arts.

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