Doesn’t matter who your girlfriend is? It matters. Look for a girl who has a survival instinct and loves you for you.

Get a girl who prays. Get a girl who is ready to work with your dreams and who is passionate about your dreams.

Have a girl who knows you when you are not yourself and also when you feel gay.

Have a girl who supports you. Who will be your ride and die. Just like mike and molly. The 2 characters are a lovely couple.

They are times they fight but then they make up. That’s the kind of girl you need.

A girl who will see your dream and believe in it. But then you have to be willing to sell it to her so she can run it with you.

I have seen women go for men that don’t like them. It’s not the men don’t like them, it’s just that the women see them as security based. Men don’t like women but women like them. There is a meaning to that.

Women are deep so are men. They have emotions. They have ego. They have a sex drive. Some are high. Some are low.

Marry a woman who knows your sex Drive and can accommodate it. Don’t go for a woman who doesn’t share the same thing you do in sex or in anything. She can like her own programs on TV, but when it comes to sharing of passion, let it be equal. More passion.

Published by Deremi Adeyi

I Am an artist. I love to draw. I love arts.

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