True Friend

There are friends and there are friends. The real friend I know of is GOD. he is never late like the ambulance. He is always on time. He never sells you out like your friends would. He keeps your blueprint and watch as you find it in life. He gives you advise you should listen to. People say they don’t hear a thing but I do. I hear him choose my clothes for me. Even tells me just what to wear. No wonder the world around me is changing. He is good friend anyday. He goes to the camp of your enemies to terrorise them. That’s gangsta. Even your brotherhood or comrade-in-arms won’t go that length.

He is a friend that looks out for you. Tells you where to take to work. Tells you to go start Your Own job. Tells you to keep calm and watch him settle scores with your enemies, to the extend that your enemies works for your good.

He is the GOD father of all godfathers. He is a unique friend to whoever calls him. He is the bestest.

If you have any problem, he is the problem solver. When gangstas say my gun is my problem solver, they got it from GOD. He is indeed the best out there. From illness to death to disease, he has the cure.

The hospital don’t give him credit for healing their patients. The fire fighters dont give him credit for making them save a life or lives. The street don’t give him credit for making them make sales. He is there even when the deal goes sour. Even when the cops pull a trigger at an innocent black man. Even when at the job or interview you stutter. He is there to give you the right words to say to your employer.

He watches your back when you take another direction in life. He makes sure you enjoy the direction you choose for yourself until you become bored of it.

He teaches you How To make money. Honest money. Not the ones You See at night selling cocaine to destroy the lives of people.

He alone is a friend. I don’t know any other friend besides him. He is closer than a brother. What will I ever do without him. I’m made for life with him.

Thank you lord for every wisdom you have given me.

Published by Deremi Adeyi

I Am an artist. I love to draw. I love arts.

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