Big girls

The world knows who they refer to as big girls, but to me, Big girls are women with beautiful features.

When you go after a big girl, her smile makes you happy. Her breast are seductive. Her belly so beautiful. Her thighs just fits her so well. She is graciously adored by me.

I like my big girls thick and creamy. all about them is relevant to love. Sighting a big girl on the street, gives me a touch of love. My phallus erects to the stand still like I was reciting the national anthem.

Big girls rock is indeed the best ever words to describe her. She is beautiful in all areas of her body.

No wonder I’m in Love with the lady in my place of business. She is warm and gentle. She is gracefully a woman that a man should have as a spouse.

Shout out to all the big girls around the world. Even if no man looks or adores you, just remember the writer of this article sees you and adores you.

My last question for this article is “would you marry me? 😀😁😊

Published by Deremi Adeyi

I Am an artist. I love to draw. I love arts.

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